Farzad Fadai M.Power

Farzad Fadai is a member of the Hajusom ensemble and has been part of Hajusom since 2009. Farzad is a social work graduate from the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and a Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation scholarship holder. He is politically active at the student’s association “Liste Studium Zukunft” and the students’ parliament. Farzad and Elmira Ghafoori are the two instructors of our junior performance groups.


Elmira Ghafoori M.Power, Mama Move

Elmira Ghafoori studied social work and social pedagogy at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and is a qualified trauma-informed teacher. She has a longstanding experience in the field of intercultural training and has worked with many people who have fled conflict and other hardship over the last years. Many of them were young people and women. Before coming to Hamburg, Elmira graduated from the School of Visual Arts Iran and studied tourism and event management. In 2013 she joined the Hajusom ensemble and has performed in many productions ever since. She instructs and coordinates our junior groups and initiated the MamaMove-workshops.


Can Gülec G.Connection

Can Gülec started dancing in 2006 and is now one of the most successful and best-known dancers in Hamburg. His repertory covers a wide range of different styles from hip hop and house to ballet. His achievements include: choreographer for „Alles kann besser werden” by Xavier Naidoo (2009), dancer and choreographer for a video by Mehrzad Marashi (2010), performance at EXPO Shanghai (2010), projects with the Goethe-Institut in Russia, Turkey and India. Can Gülec teaches at the renowed Hip-Hop-Academy in Hamburg as well as at the training centre On Stage and collaborates with Hajusom regularly.


Vivienne Lütteken Mama Move

In her capacity as a dancer and project manager, Vivien Lütteken is involved in numerous dance and theatre projects around the globe. Her work aims to connect people and give them the opportunity to grow, try out and discover new things. Vivien founded KONA – International Dance and Culture Network e.V. and organizes dance workshops and cultural events which also provide a platform for international exchange at eye level.


Carlos Andres Rico Sedah Hajusom

Carles Andres Rico, born in 1986, studied Music in Bogotá with a focus on composition. During his studies he worked as a content coordinator for radio programs revolving around culture. In 2009 he was awarded the National Prize of Music for Young Composers offered by the Colombian Ministry of Culture. Carles Andrés Rico has been a Hamburg resident since 2011 and also finished his Master’s Degree in Multimedia Composition in 2015 here. He is currently working towards his PhD at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Besides working, he collaborates with refugees in different music and social projects and also co-founded RIMA – the Ibero-American Network of Musicians and Artists – which aims to bring together Latin American and European artists and regularly organizes concerts in Hamburg.


Sergio Vasquez Sedah Hajusom

Sergio Vasquez is a Colombian composer who was born in Bogotá. In 2006 he started his studies in multimedia composition under professors Georg Hajdu and Peter Michael Hamel at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre (Master of Arts 2008) and graduated with a MA in 2008. During his composition studies, he focused on live-electronics and intensively engaged in the fields of theatre, dance and performance.

After travelling around the globe to perform numerous projects, Sergio Vasquéz showcased ‘Mein Brot schmeckt mir anders’ – his final artistic project for the Master’s programme – at the University of Music and Theatre as part of the Eigenarten Festival in 2008. The play, which is a multimedia performance bringing together acting, music, dance and video was brought on stage again at the Hamburg Klangwerktage in 2009. Since 2010 Sergio has worked as a freelance composer. One of his most recent projects is ‘Meine Träume erzähle ich Ihnen Nicht’, commissioned by ORF Vienna (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) for the Festival ‘Steirischer Herbst’ in Graz. The piece was also nominated for ‘Audio Play of the Year’ at ORF.