Esther Brandt

Esther Brandt studied social work & Diakonie (social services of the Evangelical church in Germany) at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and has been a social worker since 2013. In the past, she worked with unaccompanied minors in a youth care centre and was also co-responsible for a project on guardianships for unaccompanied minors. Esther is currently working as a project manager for MiMi Gewaltprävention. Apart from being a project manager, she is also a certified trainer for pedagogical methods in the context of immigration. In 2012, Esther began an internship at Hajusom e.V. and has been involved in different areas of the association’s work ever since. In her current role at Hajusom e.V., she is responsible for the mentoring program together with Clara Hemshorn de Sanchez.

Clara Hemshorn de Sanchez

Clara Hemshorn de Sanchez grew up in a binational family in Hamburg. She studied in Scotland and the Netherlands and holds a degree in Psychology with a focus on social psychology and organizational psychology. In the past, she was involved in research projects on ‘gender in the interaction of teams’ at the University of Hamburg. Clara is also a certified diversity trainer and improved her skills in this field by taking numerous further trainings at the University of Osnabrück and the Unviersity of Leiden. Apart from building diversity and team awareness as a freelance trainer, Clara is very interested in theatre pedagogy and different dance style. She has been working with Hajusom e.V. since 2015.