AZIMUT dekolonial – Ein Archiv performt

Kurzdokumentation mit Interviews der Performer*innen über das Projekt »AZIMUT dekolonial – Ein Archiv performt« auf Kampnagel 2019 mit begehbarem Bühnenbild.


Video von Mathis Menneking

AZIMUT dekolonial – Remix

Aufführung in den Sophiensælen

Berlin, 2019

Video von Mathis Menneking

AZIMUT - Trailer


Video: Mathis Menneking





Hajusom Solipolis Festival, New Hamburg, Veddel 2018

Video: Jens Apitz

AZIMUT - Die Wege zurück

Video-Dokumentation Azimut voyage


Video: Mathis Menneking




Silmandé Documentation

Video documentation by Mathis Menneking




Silmandé Short

Video by Mathis Menneking




3SAT-Video about Hajusom / Festival der Kulturen der Welt.

Film by Wolfgang Horn and Elisabeth Rupp.

The original video can be found at:



Wake Up

The transnational Ensemble Hajusom and the Ensemble Resonanz ask themselves questions about humankind and nature.

In the bunker St. Pauli, home of both ensembles, participants think, listen and research, in musical visions of the future, on islands of posthuman life.

Video documentation by Mathis Menneking

Aller et Retour Ouagadougou

ALLER ET RETOUR in Ouagadougou

Video-Documentation by Joseph Tapsoba alias „Chocho“

Aller et Retour

ALLER ET RETOUR is an artistic encounter of political relevance: young Burkinabe artists meet the Hajusom performers.

ALLER ET RETOUR is a common manifesto for freedom of travel, with revolutionary spirit and art as fuel that transcends borders. Hajusom's house musician Viktor Marek delivers the necessary groove with singer / guitarist Patrick Kabré.  

Video-Documentation by Mathis Menneking and Joseph Tapsoba aka "Chocho"

Hajusom Video Mix

Video documentation by Mathis Menneking

150 years Hajusom

IF WE RULED THE WORLD: 150 years Hajusom ...since 1999

Festival and transformation camp 28. until 30. November 2014

Hajusom is turning 15 years old and celebrating properly! Hajusom celebrates the anniversary with a festival on the subject of migration-flight-utopia: What if Hajusom ruled the world and Hajusom's performers boarded the power centers of the world? Is the holistic concept developed by Hajusom relevant to a new, shared utopia? With different formats Hajusom tries to find answers. Video documentation by Mathis Menneking

Das Gender Ding

After the glamorous successes of the transnational Ensemble Hajusom - most recently with the German-Malian co-operation "Paradise Mastaz" - Hajusom's young talent  group is now in the limelight: Neue Sterne negotiate different role attributions in the gender debacle in a very personal, humorous and dramatic way. Role models, dress codes and attributions of male / female characters are explored, transformed and re-mixed. 

Video documentation by Mathis Menneking




After their great success with the award-winning music theater production "Hajusom in Bollyland", the transnational performance group for PARADISE MASTAZ has expanded its staff with special experts. Peculiar foam puppets as European tourists and wooden puppets in West African design as protagonists of migration are being launched by the performers. On unequal travel routes, they are all in search of an ominous "paradise" and get entangled not only in the fight with reciprocal clichés and projections ...

Paradise Mastaz Trailer

A music performance with puppets

From and with: Hajusom / Yaya Coulibaly / Viktor Marek & Knarf Rellöm

Video by Mathis Menneking

Ich bin König, wer bist Du?

Long version of the recording of the piece. 

In November, when the dead are being thought of in this country. Hajusom embarks on an excursion to Macabre into the realm of the dead and spirits. The performers guide the audience through passages and halls full of gloom and glamor, allowing insights into their fantasies about ghost life, into abysses and light regions of their own stories as kings and queens of survival ... 

Video by Mathis Menneking

Hajusom in Bollyland

In Bollyland, Hajusom explores whether the experiences and conflicts that are relevant to Hajusom's ensemble members - and audiences - are possible to be portrayed on stage in the serene design language of popular Bollywood films. In doing so, Hajusom adapts and dismantles the rules of the films: melodramatic and dancers' film quotes are confronted and interwoven with the personal stories of the performers, and new choreographies are mixed with live music to form a distinct, characteristic style of Bollyland, in which classical Indian and Western, combining traditional and subcultural concepts. 

Video by Mathis Menneking

Hajusom in Bollyland

Hajusom in Bollyland, Trailer

Video by Beats Mantra

Club No Border 1-3

1 - Operation Black-Red-Yellow: the spectators are given guidance in integration techniques (for Afghanistan, Guinea, Uganda) as well as methods on how to creoos a border. 

2- Metropolis Hamburg - Growing City: Hajusom implements the model of the Senate according to diversity and realizes with the public a new culture-political growth model. 

3- resistance: the performers irritate and shock with resistance forms against the image of refugees as victims, against disinformation, racism and exclusion. 

Short documentation by Mathis Menneking

Club No Border 4-5

4 - Love - Love, Savior of the World? For the question of the evening Hajusom offers a panel discussion with experts, sensual offers, experiments and exercises. 

5 - Finale: Experience of dissolution of the audience with Iranian festival food, disturbing performances and a legendary, multi-media Hajusom party. 

Short documentation by Mathis Menneking

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn - Seven days and seven nights in a hotel whose auspicious name promises to fulfill your longing for holidays, vacations and great travel.  The hotel is brought to life through the bodies of the performers, with them they rebuild the luxurious setting and the sceneries: the pool, the bar, the beds, the radio on and the bar in the hotel bar are placed, the stage in the stage to the graph.  

Short documentary by Mathis Menneking

Play Mas Festival

Play Mas - Young International Performer's Festival Plays! Revolt against the order!

Leave the roles ascribed to you! Conquer the rooms of the rulers and redefine them! PLAY MAS! In this sense, the hosts KUNSTWERK e.V. and »HAJUSOM! Theater invited young refugees in co-production with Kampnagel, especially those groups whose protagonists are excluded from high-culture play because of their origin: young people marginalized in their respective societies for various reasons - HIV, isolation of the slum or belonging to an ethnic minority. 

Long documentation by Mathis Menneking