We discuss social and political ideas, which then we develop into our stage plays.  Some stories are based on true events. We create the art at Hajusom by collecting ideas and stories. With the help of the artistic directors, who are experts in this area, we are able to edit and assemble our ideas.
Dennis Robert

To me, Hajsusom is a free space, where is can express myself with my body and soul!
Farzad Fadai

The unique thing about the art of Hajusom is that we are a community that unites the diversity of the world, creating a utopian space. A space in which the world’s history is being re-written. With Hajusom we do politics.
Zandile Darko

Joshua Amponsah

Francesco Di Bari

Jamshid Shahbazi

Tom e Hajusom means a special group, where you can find good feelings. You learn how to live with many different people. Hajusom also means home to me, a place where I have found friends.
Aboubaka Badi Maiga

Hajusom gives my heart joy. Hajusom is a place where you can find greater confidence. Hajusom is family to me. A family that motivates and encourages me to take my next steps in life. At Hajusom I got to know many different cultures, including the German one. It is a place where everyone can develop abilities and expand their talents. Hajusom brings body and soul into balance. I am glad and happy to come here and play theatre with the others. I love the atmosphere and the art directors. Thank you!
Pegah Aghamohammadi

Hajusom means love, to me, and fun of course
Sahar Meshki

Emanuel Boadu

Mojtaba Mohammadi

Mariama Babjie

Aimee Nhung Le

I have changend through Hajusom, because for the first time I set foot on a stage to act.  I have met many personalities, many people, different characters and opinions. And now I feel special: An actress on stage. It just makes me happy. At Hajusom I met many crazy people.
Aminatu Jalloh

It is not always easy to come to an agreement, but in the end we always make the right decision.
Isaac Lokolong

Hajusom, to me, is very interesting and fun, because we come here every week, keep in contact, talk about things and dance…. and yes, that is fun.
Reza Rafii

Aissatou Bah

I have fun and good firends.
Bernard Schätz

C´est une chose qui est trés intéressante. Pour les gens, pour tout le monde. J´aime tout! Je suis content avec tout le groupe.
Inoussa Dabré

Hajusom is a theatre. Hajusom helps me for example when I have to hold a presentation, because I’ve gained experience in speaking and playing in front of a lot of people.
I do this because I’m alone in Germany. I’m happy, when I meet up with my friends from Hajusom once a week. You can be yourself at Hajusom, you can show what you’re capable of, show you abilities to act. Some people have these abilities but use them. Hajusom gives people a goal in life.
Mohammad -Moslem Heidarian

Sarah Owusu

Nebou N'Diaye

Hajusom is multicultural – simply “multi“, mixed, black, white, brown, red. You are free at Hajusom. Here you can show your feelings and abilities. I free my feelings here. I show others what I am and where I come from. There is no sense of: „A foreigner cannot do this.“ In Germany I am just a foreiger, but at Hajusom I am a person. Not an Afghan.
Hajusom is a solution to a problem. It is fun.
Rahmat Rezai

Hajusom is a safe haven for me. It is neither school nor work, it is something I do voluntarily and enjoy very much.
Katalina Götz

Hajusom, to me, is a place where there is peace. Various cultures, religions and countries are represented and we all get along. There is harmony. I have never experienced a group that laughs as much as we do at Hajusom.
Arman Marzak

Hajusom is like a second familiy to me. We are all brothers and sisters and get along really well.
Hajusom, to me, is a place where I feel at ease and always have a lot of fun playing theatre. Everyone is equal here, regardless of talent. Nobody wants to take centre stage. I enjoy getting together and creating the plays collectively and everyone is allowed to contribute ideas. We discuss these ideas and see what works. We dont use a set script, we write it ourselves. We use our own true stories – none of them are copied or fictional.
Amelan Maria Comoé

When I’m at Hajusom I always loose the sense of time and the clock. And I am happy. I wish in my normal life I could also forget time and the clock.
Hamed Ahmadi

The performances of Hajusom are like paintings, in which you can see the entire world. Paintings with a lot of colours and composed of many different smaller pictures.
Omied Khademsaba

The first time I went to the rehearsal of Bollyland I told myself I wanted to be one of these people. I was new to Germany and felt very alienated in this country. Hajusom was the only place where I wasn’t a stranger. I felt at home. Hajusom is the entire world. I will always stay at Hajusom. You learn so much. On the one hand there are the artistic aspects on the other hand I completely forget my homesickness. I truely love Hajusom!
Elmira Gharfoori

Priscilla Schätz

Hajusom has changed me, of course. I used to mostly stay at home. At Hajusom, however, I learned things could be different. I met a lot of people. I think about Hajusom every night, especially about what I’ve experienced on stage, and feel happy.
Rahmat Hassani