About Hajusom

The ensemble Hajusom e.V. is a center for transnational performance arts in Hamburg, Germany.

Established in 1999, it has been shaped by multiple artists with and without refugee experience, and has received several awards (among these, the Berliner Festspiele, 2015 and 2001; the Max Brauer Prize awarded by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation FVS, 2014; and the Social Culture Innovation Prize awarded by the Bonn Sociocultural Fund, 2012).

The ensemble's artistic work focuses on European migration policy and contributes to the practice and discourse of decolonization. Hajusom is an acronym consisting of the names of three young refugees who initiated a workshop in 1998, from which the current ensemble has emerged.

Today, Hajusom stands for a unique fusion of aesthetic quality, political activism, and social engagement. Since 1999, Hajusom has been developing transdisciplinary performances incorporating theater, poetic texts, dance, video recordings, and music together with a team of local artists and alternating external participants, realizing innovative formats in collective work processes that address issues such as globalization and transculturality.

The projects are co-produced in collaboration with Kampnagel Hamburg and Theater im Pumpenhaus, Muenster, and are presented in national and international guest performances. Dozens of renowned artists, including Jimi Tenor, Ashraf Sharif Khan, and the Ensemble Resonanz, have performed with Hajusom on major stages in Germany and abroad.