Hajusom - Who is that?

The visionary work of Hajusom starts 1999 in Hamburg. Ever since, young artists have been transforming the former war bunker into a place, where art and life, the You and the Us, merge. Hajusom understands this work as a peace-building practice and migration as something normal to human life. All performers carry their individual maps within themselves.

The Hajusom Centre is:

Ensemble – the widely acclaimed collective of young performers develop interdisciplinary theatre productions. The plays are created in cooperation with Kampnagel Hamburg, FFT Düsseldorf, Pumpenhaus Münster as well as Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin and are performed on international tours.

Lab – At Hajusoms talent factory, young refugees dance, perform, cook, write poetry and groove together with the experienced Ensemble-members. Various performances, music pieces and texts are created and presented in different contexts, depending on the occasion. Furthermore, regular Mentoring sessions offer support for any situation when needed.  

Transfer – Everyone who is interested can learn about Hajusom’s work methods through workshops, seminars, talks and lecture performances. Transfer targets schools, universities, artists, creatives, multipliers and volunteers.

Hajusom’s programme is considered a best practice model. The performers understand integration as a two-way process and work following the principle of “each one teach one”. The more experienced members of Ensemble ease the newcomer’s way into Hajusom. They build a bridge as interpreters, as role models and as transmitters of the Hajusom spirit – as long-lasting and cross-generational concepts of continuity.

The young talent are part of the transnational Hajusom Cosmos.


Cosmic Supermovies - Performance and Video

Sedah Hajusom - Music

Hajusom kids - Hajusoms kidsgroup

ATG – foreigners dance well - Hiphop

Future Gardening - gardening on the International Gartendeck St. Pauli

The name Hajusom consists of the first syllables of the names of the group’s first three protagonists: Hatice, Jusef und Omied. They were unaccompanied teenage refugees, who have either kept on fleeing, been deported or become a Hamburg citizen.

Since 2010 the non-profit organization Hajusom e.V. supports the youth organisation Freie Jugendhilfe. 



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