Participation and mini-workshop for the network meeting of our sponsor Save The Children in Berlin.
Hajusom is project of the week at the federal network Bürgerschaftliches Engagement BBE and will be presented on Facebook and on the homepage with its new projects and ongoing work.

Hajusom is one station of the Summer School of the PSI (Performance Studies International), which is holding its Future Advisory Board in Hamburg.
01.06.2017 Premiere of the future-performance Silmandé on Kampnagel as part of the festival Theater der Welt. Silmandé is a cooperationby Hajusom e.V., Ensemble Resonanz and Jardin Silmandé Burkina Faso, in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, Carrefour National de Théâtre de Ouagadougou CITO, Goethe Institute Ouagadougou.

Funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation, cultural authority of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ilse and Dr. Horst Rusch Foundation, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Rudolf Augstein Foundation and Austrian Cultural Forum Berlin.
Supporting programme for the performance Silmandé (funded by the Federal Agency for Civic Education) on the subject"Climate change and power":

  • Lecture and discussion with the sociologist and author Stephan Lessenich on "externalization society".
  • Presentation of the garden Silmandé by its founder, the musician Patrick Kabré and video artist Joseph Tapsoba from Ouagadougou.

of the young talent group ATG at the 5th Good-Cause-Benefiz-Festival in the Schanze tent. The revenue will benefit Hajusom for the second time. Many Thanks!

Hajusom goes Comic: journalist Christina Heuschen and illustrator Magdalena Kaszuba have drawn a Hajusom comic, which can be appreciated on our facebook page or at

Presentation at the Kinder-zum-Olymp! Congress at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus.

Journey to Burkina Faso. For the piece Silmandé video footage was taken at the Eco Art project by Patrick Kabré.

Invitation to the think tank "the foreign= the own?" by network Junge Ohren and Klangradar Berlin.

Appearance of the young music group Sedah Hajusom at the award ceremony of the BürgerStiftung prize at the Hamburg Körber Foundation.

Appearance of the young talent group Real Explosion at the Jubilee Festival of the Mentoring program bee4change in Hamburg.

Cooperation with the theater course of the profile Global Challenges at the Corvey School: workshops by pupils and Hajusom performers.




A Hajusom-delegation travels to Ouagadougou, where Aller Et Retour is reinstated.
Beginning of rehearsal of the Future performance Silmandé, the second cooperation with Ensemble Resonanz. The Garden Silmandé in Ouagadougou is cooperation partner. They are an ecologically and sustainably conceptualized project for cultural education by the musician Patrik Kabré.
Hajusom in Palermo at the Festival di Morgana. Lecture Performance with excerpts and dolls from Paradise Mastaz.
Hajusom’s young talent (Real Explosion, Neue Sterne, ATG and Stimmen der Zukunft) shows excerpts from their current rehearsals at with the topic “Quite foreign here” at Haus 73 in Hamburg.
Premiere of the musical young talent Stimmen der Zukunft at the Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg.
Premiere of the post-human performance Wake Up” at the Resonanzraum in Hamburg. Hajusom with Ensemble Resonanz and Viktor Marek.
Thanks to the support of the Federal Agency for Civic Education a framework programme for the performance “Wake Up” can take place: film night (curated by Jytte Hill) lecture evening by the knowledge artist Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, as well as talks by the scholars Claude Jansen and Sofie Olbers concerning the topic “humankind and nature” at the Forschungszentrum Bunker.
Excerpts from “the gender_thing” at the altonale-Salon “escape and hope” at the Thalia Theatre Gaußstraße. 
Panel discussion at the German Theatre Berlin during the annual conference of the dramaturgical association: Ella Huck and Zandile Darko from Hajusom with the artistic director Ulrich Khuon concerning the topic “Escape Forward? Asylum seekers between stage and reality”.
Charity Concert “Good Cause” at the Hamburg Club Fundbüro for the benefit of Hajusom. Performance of ATG and Ensemble Hajusom.
Premiere of the young talent group Real Explosion at the Haus der Familie summer party at the Schilleroper in Hamburg. 
Guest performance the gender_thing at FFT Düsseldorf.
Dorothea Reinicke from Hajusom on the panel of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Berlin during the event “Arriving in everyday life. How togetherness can work: art and cultura projects for integration”.

Premiere and performance of Aller et Retour at Kampnagel, a cooperative project of twelve young artists from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.
Within the context of the new Hajusom label Transfer, a cooperation with schools from Hamburg is put in place. A class from the Emilie-Wüstenfeld-School visits the rehearsals for Aller Et Retour and another class from the Corvey School develops their own theatre piece, thanks to exchanges with Hajusom over several months.
Dorothea Reinicke from Hajusom is invited to the Forum “Refugees in Germany: Making integration possible – strengthening solidarity” by the federal president and the Robert Bosch Foundation at the Bellevue Castle, Berlin.
Cooperation with the International Music Fest Hamburg. The young talent groups develops texts on the topic of freedom, which are heard at the Laeiszhalle Hamburg as introductory pieces before concerts. 
The Minister of State for Cultural Affairs and Media, Monika Grütters, nominated Hajusom for the Special Prize for Cultural Participation. 


Presentation of excerpts from Paradise Mastaz at the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung surprise gala at the Hansatheater Hamburg.
the gender_thing at the Theatertreffen der Jugend during the national competitions of the Berliner Festspiele.
The Neue Sterne production the gender_thing is nominated for the BKM-Prize fpr Cultural Education 2015 at the Genshagen Castle.
Festival and Conference Interventionen - refugees in arts and education at Podewil Berlin: Presentation of Hajusom with Elmira Ghafoori, Farzad Fadai and Dorothea Reinicke.
Workshops and tour concerts as cooperation partners of Ensemble Resonanz.
Conference of the federal association Bundesverband Freier Darstellender Künste, Participation at the panel discussion concerning the topic "shaping diversity" at Kampnagel.
Elmira Ghafoori, Zandile Darko and Dorothea Reinicke from Hajusom at Genshagen Castle: Performance Input, Project presentation and panel discussion at the European Symposium Perspektiven Kultureller Bildung in Europa, organized by the Akademy Remscheid and Genshagen Foundation.
Panel discussion and project presentation at Ratschlag Stadtteilkultur Hamburg.
Paradise Mastaz on tour at the Munich Welcome Theatre during the Munich Kammerspiele, Festivals Made in Germany, at Schauspiel Stuttgart and during the Herbstsalon at the Maxim Gorki Theatre Berlin.
The artistic head team travels to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Kick-off of the Hajusom exchange project L'Eldorado, c'est où (AT)?



Reinstatment of Paradise Mastaz at Kampnagel
Premiere of the gender_thing – video performance by the young talent group Neue Sterne
Guest performance of Paradise Mastaz at FFT Düsseldorf
Hajusom wins the Max-Brauer-Prize from the Alfred Toepfer Foundation. The event takes plaxe at the Staatsoper Hamburg.
The book Masters of Paradise (about and by Hajusom) is published by Verlag Theater der Zeit.
Hajusom celebrates their 15 year existence with the If we ruled the world - anniversary festival over one weekend at Kampnagel. With Hajusom in Bollyland, a gala performance and Dinner for All, Böller and Botschaft, book presentation, Best of Hajusom documentary and Hajusom takes over installation.


Return visit by the Malian puppeteer Yaya Coulibaly in Hamburg and join rehearsal workshops for Paradise Mastaz – a musical performance with puppets.
Premiere of Paradise Mastaz at Kampnagel.
Guest performance of Paradise Mastaz at Pumpenhaus Münster.
Excerpts from Paradise Mastaz are shown during the Lange Nacht der Theater at Thalia Theatre Hamburg.
Presentation and workshops during the youth conference Zukunft denken, Zukunft gestalten, organised by the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Berlin.


The arts team undertakes a research trip to Bamako, Mali, for the purpose of cooperating with the puppeteer Yaya Coulibaly and the Association Malienne des Expulsés (AME), who support people who have been deported from Europe. The cooperation is part of the preparations for Paradise Mastaz – a musical performance with puppets.
Lecture Performance Paradise +3 at the 4. Bundesfachkongresses Interkultur at Kampnagel.
Reinstatement of Hajusom in Bollyland at Kampnagel, guest performance at the Festival Favoriten in Dortmund.
Workshop Puzzle for Peace - intercultural trainings, instructor: Sofie Olbers.
Young talent group Neue Sterne with the gender_thing at Kampnagel during the Lange Nacht der Theater.
Premiere of the Ruff Monkeys mit The way you dress is a political statement at the KRASS-Festival at Kampnagel.


The Fonds Soziokultur awards the production Hajusom in Bollyland with the national Innovation Prize.
Premiere of I am king – who are you? - An Excursion Macabre with the Ensemble Hajusom, the Voices of the Undead & Knarf Rellöm, as well as Gotta Depri at Kampnagel.
Ruff Monkeys perform at Kampnagel during the Lange Nacht der Theater as well as at the Dance Kiosk at the Hamburger Sprechwerk.
Workshop „Puzzle for Peace“ - intercultural trainings, lecturer: Sofie Olbers.
Guest performance Hajusom in Bollyland at the theatre Pumpenhaus Münster and at the FFT Düsseldorf.
Invitation to the Festival Politik at the Freies Theater in Hellerau, Dresden.
Premiere of the music theatre performance “Hajusom in Bollyland” with Ensemble Hajusom, Viktor Marek and Ashraf Sharif Khan.


Three-year funding by Aktion Mensch, for the work of the young talent group Neue Sterne, Rock the House, Open House and Ruff Monkeys as well as for the qualification of longtime Ensemble members and for a holistic mentoring offer to young refugees.
Workshop in cooperation with the Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, on the topic "Berlin Conference" in the context of the exhibition "who knows tomorrow".
Lecture Performance Hajusom Transnational Art in cooperation with IMIR/ Institute for Migration and Racism Research in Palermo and Hamburg at the 3rd and 4th meeting "LLP Grundtvig Partnership - international training on psycho-social needs of refugees" with participants from Italy, Turkey and Spain.


Bollywood Infection at Kampnagel during the Lange Nacht der Theater.
Guest performance and lecture performance at the municipality Hamburg-Poppenbüttel.
Project presentation at the Rathausgalerie München during the conference "Educated and Uneducated”, organised by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich in cooperation with Kunsthaus Dresden.
Hajusom e.V. is recognized as a registered, non-profit association and as a sponsor of the Freie Jugendhilfe.


Premiere of the performance musical Back Up Story on Kampnagel with Ensemble Hajusom and guest artists Nikola Durić, Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu
Guest performance with a lecture performance at the opening of the season of the Schauspiel Köln and in the Bibliothèque Municipale of Marseille as part of the city partnership anniversary Hamburg - Marseille and the exhibition jung: de of the Goethe-Institut.
Exchange project Action: Touché with the dance company 2b2b, Marseille, in cooperation with Théâtre Massalia, Marseille.
Hajusom's performers teach art in cooperation with the Ganztagsschule St. Pauli, Hamburg.
Awarded the National Prize of the Hamburg Mannheimer Foundation.


Guest performances with Holiday Inn at the Ludwigshafen Festival in the Theater im Pfalzbau and the opening of the Festival Streetlife at the Schauspiel Essen, Casa.
Lecture Performance and installation Cosmos Hajusom at the Kunsthaus Dresden and in Hamburg as part of a study seminar of the Heinrich Böll Foundation for participants of the International Parliamentary Internship of the German Bundestag in cooperation with Margit Czenki.
Presentation of Hajusom and their work at the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) in Lyon
Hajusom in Beijing: Upon the invitation of the Chinese Prime Minister and the Department for International Youth Work of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB) Hajusom presents itself as a representative of the section "Cultural and Political Education of Youth" at a meeting for youth policy cooperation with China.


Club No Border, five interactive performances, co-produced with Kampnagel Hamburg.
Guest performances with Holiday Inn at the Festival Babylon at the pavilion Hannover and the festival Heimspiel at JES Stuttgart.


Lecture performance Growing City in cooperation with Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer for the Lange Nacht der Theater on Kampnagel.
Guest performance with Holiday Inn at the Schauspiel Hannover, Ballhofeins.
Premiere of Holiday Inn on Kampnagel, guest artist: Nikola Durić.
New carrier association: CuCo e.V.


Invitation to the Community Theatre and Craft`s Development Forum of M.U.K.A. Project and the German Weeks of the Goethe Institute in Johannesburg with The Children of the Rainmakers, supported by the South African Embassy and the UNHCR; Despite intercession by the Hamburg Cultural Senator von Welck, the trip was foiled by immigration authorities and Interior Senator.
Premiere of Cosmos Hamburg / Part 2, concept and guest artists: Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer, music: Viktor Marek
Guest performances with The Children of the Rainmakers at the International Festival Unithea, Frankfurt / Oder and as part of the event series "go create resistance" at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg.
Hajusom curates and organizes the Young International Performers' Festival Play Mas as a co-production with Kampnagel and the trinidad cultural anthropologist Dr. Patricia Alleyne-Dettmers. Guests: M.U.K.A. Project / South Africa, Crear vale la pena / Argentina, Sarai / India, artists from Trinidad and Tobago.
Three performers of Hajusom show solo performances at the opening of the Africome Berlin, organized by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.


Opening of the installation Cosmos Hamburg / Part 1.
Nomination for the Federal Prize of the Berliner Festspiele with The Children of the Rainmakers
Guest performances with The Children of the Rainmakers at the Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster, at the International May Festival Staatstheater Wiesbaden and the International Festival Jugendwelten-Theaterformen at the Schauspiel Hannover.


Premiere of The Children of the Rainmakers on Kampnagel Hamburg.
Premiere of the performance event Dream Wedding E44 in the St. Pauli church, guest artists: Viktor Marek, Nikola Durić and Jochen Roller. 
Guest performance with Dream Wedding E44 at the Schauspiel Frankfurt.


Hajusom receives the Federal Prize of the Berliner Festspiele for 7 lives.
Guest performances with 7 lives at the Theaterlabor Bielefeld, at the Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, in the Hannover Pavilion, at the Schauspiel FFT Düsseldorf, at the Schlachthof Bremen, at the Berliner Festspiele and at Kampnagel in Hamburg.


Premiere of 7 lives at Fabrik in Hamburg.
Hajusom three and Hajusom four emerge as work in progress, guest appearances at Fabrik, Hamburg, supporting association is Kunstwerk e.V.


First guest performance at the Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster with Hajusom zwo.
Premiere of Hajusom! at Schlachthof, Hamburg.

Winter 1998

The first application for funding from the Hamburg cultural authority is granted. From the first syllables of the first three young performers  H A t i c e ,  J U S e f   and  O M i e d  the name Hajusom is born.