Julia zur Lippe Managing Director

Julia zur Lippe studied art history, history and Netherlandic in Bonn, Berlin and Cologne.
In the past, Julia has worked for Literaturbüro Ostwestfalen and helped organizing the music and literary festival ‘Wege durch das Land’. While working for these institutions she took on a second degree in cultural management at HWP – Hamburg University for Economics and Politics. Until 2010 Julia worked as a freelance culture manager and production director. In October 2010 she joined Hajusom e.V. and has been working as the association’s project coordinator and managing director ever since


Gabriela Vasileva Assistant Manager

Gabriela Vasileva joined Hajusom e.V. as an assistant manager in 2019 and is also responsible for various organizational tasks. She studied Romance languages and literature at the University of Hamburg and is currently taking a Master's degree in cultural studies at the University of Leuphana. She is a co-founder and board member of the association femrep e.V. which was founded in 2017 in order to provide a space for FLINT* from different industries and generations to network and exchange their experiences as well as to create a framework for feminist discourse and autonomous organisation.

Core Team


Joan Funnah Coordination of our junior groups

Joan Funnah graduated in architecture and interior design with a focus on 3D visualization, illustration and corporate identity design from the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. In her capacities as a freelance project coordinator and workshop and seminar instructor, she carries out projects that promote access to art and culture to young people. Joan joined Hajusom e.V. in 2019 and is responsible for public relations and the coordination of our junior groups.


Ella Huck Artistic Direction

Ella Huck is a certified carpenter and also studied drama under Jacques Lecoq at Ecole Internationale de Thèâtre in Paris. Inspired by her experiences from these two worlds, she adds a crafts perspective to arts and performances. The primary focus of her work are collages where individual pieces form a new entity and different perspectives are being connected. Before moving to Hamburg in 1999, Ella created many performances for Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster and collaborated with artists such as the Jazz musician Jan Klare (Das Dorf) or the visual artist Markus Lohmann.

Together with Dorothea Reinicke she also founded the label Fuchs-Produktion which focuses on creating and showcasing interdisciplinary solo performances. Ella Huck co-founded Hajusom in 1999 and has been part of the artistic direction ever since. In addition to her role as artistic director, she also works as a performance instructor.


Dorothea Reinicke Artistic Direction

Dorothea Reinicke owns a MA degree in German Philology and History and studied in Freiburg, Vienna and Hamburg. After finishing her studies she started her career as a freelance actor and performer during which she also took further trainings. These include a training in voice and singing with Jeffrey Bihr at Drama Studio of London/Berkeley, a training in North-Indian Raga and modal improvisation with Gilles Petit in Paris, another training in classical singing with Prof. Ingrid Kremling at Hamburg University of Music and Theatre and a linklater voice training as well as an extended vocal techniques training with Bonnie Showers in San Diego.

In 1993 she switched sides and began to work behind the scenes as director, concept creator and producer for interdisciplinary performances collaborating with visual artists and musicians. The majority of the performances were created in co-production with Kampnagel Theatre Hamburg. The topics they cover include: images of women in Romanticism and National Socialism, primate research, cyborgs, transculturality and the singing of birds. Dorothea is another co-founder of Hajusom and has been part of the artistic direction since 1999.



Katalina Götz Assistant Art Director

Katalina Götz joined the Hajusom ensemble as a performer in 2012. Since then she has been involved in numerous productions including ‘das gender_ding’ (2013), ‘Aller et Retour’ (2015) – a collaboration with artists from Burkina Faso, ‘Silmandé’ (2017) – a musical performance carried out in collaboration with the Resonanz Ensemble, the Elbphilharmonie’s ensemble in residence, or ‘Azimut’ (2019) with Martin Ambara from Kamerun. For the latter, she co-developed the transnational and collective working methods which were applied during the development of the project.

Apart from her job as an assistant art director, Katalina focuses on the project TRANSFER. In this context, she also joined a panel discussion on decolonial aesthetics at the International Research Center for Interweaving Performance Cultures (FU Berlin) together with, amongst others, Walter Mignolo. In 2013, she started taking a degree in education specializing in history and the Spanish language.


Vera Heimisch Guest Performance Management

Vera Heimisch is an artistic production manager who lives and works in Hannover and Hamburg. She studied European ethnology and art history at the University of Graz and Universidad ICESI in Cali, Colombia. The final project for her MA in transcultural studies at the University of Bremen was carried out in collaboration with UAM (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana) and consisted of an ethnographic research project about the artist Chavela Vargas in Mexico City. As a production manager, she has worked for festivals and theatres such as Steirischer Herbst, Heidelberger Stückemarkt, the National Theater Mannheim or KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen.