The team

The artistic direction of the center Hajusom lies with the initiators of the project Ella Huck and Dorothea Reinicke.

Ensemble, artistic core team

The equipment team Markus Lohmann, Jelka Plate and Michael Böhler as well as Viktor Marek (music) are present in almost every production alongside Ella Huck and Dorothea Reinicke (directing). From 2001 to 2008 Claude Jansen (music dramaturgy, director) was also part of the project management. Between 2009 and 2013 she led the group of girls Ruff Monkeys together with the former Ensemble member Mable Preach.

Lab, Transfer, young talent groups

Since 2014 Can Gülec has been offering Hip Hop sessions called ATG (Foreigners dance cool). After Derya Yildirim and Knarf Rellöm, since October 2016, Carlos Andres Rico, Sergio Vasquez and Hamed Ahmadi comprise the team for the text and music workshop “voices of the future”. The longtime Ensemble member Arman Marzak offers his gardening art once a week in the group Future Gardening. And the young talent group Cosmic Supermovies is led by longtime Ensemble member Farzad Fadai, Elmira Ghafoori/Hamed Ahmadi together with the author, regisseur and video-artist Adnan Softc.


Julia zur Lippe is Managing Director and Project Coordinator of Hajusom. All activities intersect with her. The director and cultural manager Lea Connert plans Hajusom's national tours, Ania Faas is respnsable for public relations. Satenik Danielyan support the Hajusom-office as Bundesfreiwillige.

And as a volunteer, Lore Hofmann is the good soul of the whole.

Ella Huck

Inspired by a diverse education - first as a carpenter and then as an actress with Jacques Lecoq at the Ecole Internationale de Théâtre in Paris - she has a hands-on approach to art and performance. Her artistic interest is collage, the connection of individual parts to a new whole, which depicts different perspectives. Before moving to Hamburg in 1999, she developed theater performances with Pumpenhaus Münster, with artists such as jazz musician Jan Klare (The Village) and visual artist Markus Lohmann. Under the label Fuchs-Produktion interdisciplinary solo-performances, which deal with the form of play "Live Art", were developed together with Dorothea Reinicke. Huck is also a lecturer in performance art.

Dorothea Reinicke

Studied German Studies and History in Freiburg, Vienna and Hamburg. Freelance actress and performer, trainings with focus on voice and vocals with Jeffrey Bihr, Drama Studio of London, Berkeley; Gilles Petit, Paris (North Indian raga and modal improvisation)among others; Prof. Ingrid Kremling, Musikhochschule Hamburg (classical singing); Bonnie Showers, San Diego (Linklater training, extended vocal techniques). 1993 Paging to directing, conception, production of interdisciplinary performances in collaboration with visual artists and musicians, mostly in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg. Her subjects range from portraits of women in German Romanticism and National Socialism, to foreigners and homeland, to primate research, cyborgs and birdsong.

Julia zur Lippe

Studied art history, history and Dutch in Bonn, Berlin and Cologne. Worked at the Literaturbüro Ostwestfalen and the Literatur- und Musikfestival Wege. Accompaning her cultural management studies at the University of Economics and Politics in Hamburg. Until 2010 she worked as a freelance artist manager and production manager in Hamburg. Since October she has been the project coordinator and managing director of Hajusom e.V.

Lea Connert

Lea Connert was born in 1982 in Düsseldorf. From 2001-2007 she studied drama at the Free University of Berlin and worked as a director and equipment assistant in Dusseldorf, Berlin and New York. In 2008 she started her studies in theatre directing at the Theaterakademie Hamburg with a focus on piece development and performative installations. In 2012, she participated in the Lincoln Center Directors Lab in New York City, and the following year became Artist in Residence at Fleetstreet Theater Hamburg. Since 2013 she works as a freelance director and production manager for the Dockville Art Camp, Lichthof Theater, Theater am Strom, House 73 in Hamburg and in the team of Robert Wilson at Watermill Center New York, among others. She is currently working as a tour manager, production manager and director for the inclusive network Barner 16 / Ladies and Gentlemen, Hajusom - Transnational Center and is part of the performance ensemble virtual theater. []

Jelka Plate

Studied art and stage design at HfbK in Hamburg. Installations, among other projects werde held at the Museum Ludwig Cologne, Kunsthaus Dresden, Gallery for Landscape Art Hamburg, Deveron Arts Scotland, Museum Neukölln, Sculpture Park Berlin_Zentrum and the Goethe Institute Ouagadougou. Equipment of productions for the Deutsches Theater Berlin, Sophiensaele Berlin, Lucerne Theater, HAU Berlin, Kampnagel Hamburg, etc. Plate has worked with various people, such as Claudia Hamm, Monika Gintersdorf, Ulf Otto, Vanessa Stern, Tobias Rausch, Bernadette LaHengst and regularly with Hajusom.

Markus Lohmann

Studied product design at Münster University of Applied Sciences. After the diploma change to HfbK Hamburg, Department of Free Art with Bogomir Ecker, Carsten Höller and Nicola Torke. Design of public and social spaces, since 2009 stage designer and member of the artistic core team of Hajusom, from 2010 to 2016 chairman of the association Hajusom e.V. []

Michael Böhler

Studied fine art and stage design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and at HfbK Hamburg. Lives in Berlin. Since 2005 he has been working as a stage designer for the directors Matthias Kaschig, Tobias Rausch, Tanja Richter and Isabel Osthues at theaters in Vienna, Kiel, Berlin, Senftenberg, Paris and Lucerne. Since 2002 projects, sets and play spaces for Hajusom, auch as the jubilee gala on Kampnagel 2014 together with Lohmann and Plate. Exhibitions at the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof Hamburg, as part of the Werkleitzfestival 08 in Halle and the Artgenda in Hamburg. []

Katharina Oberlik

Studied theater, film and television in Frankfurt and applied drama in Gießen. Co-founder of the performance collective She She Pop, with whom she worked as a performer for ten years. Freelance director in the field of theater, video and music, regular cooperation with Hajusom. Lecturer for directing and acting at the theatre academies Hamburg and Ludwigsburg. Workshops and further education for young people, children, teachers and theater pedagogues. Since 2010 ghettoakademie in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. []

Viktor Marek  

Early socialized by the D.I.Y. - idea of ​​punk, I've always been more interested in the interaction of music with other concepts and aspects - the creation of moods, the conscious decision to use instruments differently ("wrongly") - rather than the perfect staging of a conventional "rock show". The emphasis is always on a socio-grassroots democratic thought, whether in addressing the current political situation with the band Knarf Rellöm Trinity / a Tribe called Knarf, or the friction between Japanese culture with modern electronic music and jazz in the band 8doogymoto or the project The living Musicbox & Viktor Marek with the two blind musicians Toto Graf and Carsten Schnathorst. I follow the same approach in the management of the Golden Pudel Club, an institution for subculture in Hamburg. []

Carlos Andres Rico

born in 1986, studied music in Bogotá with a focus on composition. At the same time, he worked as a content coordinator on Kulturradio. In 2009 he was awarded the National Young Composers Prize by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. Since April 2011 he has been living in Hamburg. Here he finished his master's degree in multimedia composition, graduating in 2015. He is currently doing his doctorate at the Hamburg University of Music and Performing Arts and working in the field of music and social affairs through working with refugees and the Iberoamerican Network of Musicians and Artists (RIMA), which unites Latin American and European musicians and organizes concerts in Hamburg. []

Sergio Vasquez

born in Bogota, is a Colombian composer. From 2006 to 2008 he studied multimedia composition with Professors Georg Hajdu and Peter Michael Hamel at the Hamburg University of Music and Performing Arts (Master of Arts 2008). During his studies in composition, he focused on the subject of live electronics and also deals intensively with the areas of theater, dance, and performance. After numerous projects for which he traveled internationally, in 2008 he staged his master's degree project "My bread tastes different" in the Musikhochschule (Forum) as part of the Eigenarten Festival. In 2009, this multimedia performance was re-performed with drama, music, dance and video at the Hamburger Klangwerktage. Since 2010 Sergio has been working as a freelance composer. A recent project is “I do not tell you my dreams”, on behalf of ORF Vienna, Steirischer Herbst Graz. This project was nominated for the radio play of the year at ORF. []

Arman Marzak

Since 2002 actor and performer in all productions of the Ensemble Hajusom. After completing secondary school in 2006, he trained to be social pedagogue with internships in the comprehensive school Altona; After one year he changed to training as a denture maker, graduating in 2010. Since 2010: Catering "Essen is love" for company parties, district and private parties. Since 2012 cooking classes at the Vizelinstraße school and at the Hamburger Kinder- und Jugendhilfe e.V. In 2013, Marzak founded Dostan-Catering and employs an international team of chefs. []

Can Gülec

Has been dancing since 2006 and is one of the most famous and successful dancers and choreographers in Hamburg, which he owes above all to his unique repertoire, which includes various styles from Hip Hop to house to ballet. 2009 collaboration with Xavier Naidoo on "Alles kann besser werden" (video), 2010 dance and choreography for a video by Mehrzad Marashi. 2010 appearance at the EXPO in Shanghai, projects with the Goethe-Institut in Russia, Turkey and India. Can Gülec teaches at the renowned Hip-Hop-Academy in Hamburg as well as at the On Stage training center and regularly collaborates with Hajusom. []

Farzad Fadai

High school graduation in 2009, active at Hajusom since the beginning of the same year. Exceptional beat-boxer and rapper, lover of Iranian tradition and western Hip-Hop. As a young filmmaker he has released several independent documentary films on You-Tube. Currently studying social work at the HAW Hamburg and involved in university policy. Scholarship holder of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Working as a performer for Hajusom, head of the young talent group Real Explosion and Lab-Mentor, with Transfer at conferences and schools.

Zandile Darko

Studied culture and education at Leuphana University Lüneburg and the University of Ghana. 2015/16 London International School of Performing Arts, studied Physical Arts as a scholarship holder of the Alfred Töpfer Foundation. At Hajusom since 2010 as a performer, mentor and director's assistant as well as at conferences and festivals with Transfer. []

The technicians responsible for the conception and realization of most productions have become part of the Hajusom family: Michael Lentner, Marek Lamprecht / light design; Manuel Horstmann / sound; Uwe Sinkemat / stage; Kirsten Rusche / video technology and last but not least our documentary artist and videographer Mathis Menneking.

The team