Lab: Newcomer

Hajusom-Lab: In Hajusom's young talent structure, young refugees dance, perform, cook, write poetry and groove together with experienced Ensemble members.


Mondays, 4:30 – 7pm (take place in the bunker in Feldstrasse 66 / 2nd floor)

Cosmic Supermovies - Theatre and Film

with longtime Hajusom performer Farzad Fadai and Elmira Ghafoori/Hamed Ahmadi featuring Adnan Softic.

Mondays, 7 – 9pm (take place in the bunker in Feldstrasse 66 / 2nd floor)

Sedah Hajusom - text and music workshop

The musicians Hamed Ahmadi, Carlos Andres Rico and Sergio Vasquez develop their own songs, lyrics and beats with the participants. The band equipment (keyboard, guitars, percussion) can be used. The songs can be recorded in the recording studio next door.


Tuesdays, 4 -6pm (take place in the Immanuelkirche, Veddel)

 Hajusom kids - Theater for everyone age 6-12 with Farzad Fadai and Katalina Götz.


Tuesdays, 4.30 -6.30pm (take place on the Gartendeck St. Pauli)

Future Gardening - Gardening, cooking, arts and crafts at Gartendeck St. Pauli. With Arman Marzak.

Tuesdays, 5 – 7:30pm (take place in the bunker in Feldstrasse 66 / 2nd floor)

ATG – Foreigners dance cool

Hip Hop and other basics with the dancer and choreographer Can Gülec.



If interested, please register under our office number: 040 - 43 21 69 09 (you can also leave a message! with: name, age, origin, contact. Thank you! We look forward to new participants!