Aller et Retour

Performance with live music

The National Assembly in Ouagadougou stormed - dictator Campaoré deposed after 27 years! Democratic elections! African spring in Burkina Faso - departure in one's own country versus flight to European"paradise"? What keeps us? Where do we go to? What are our longings? Projections?

All Et Retour
is a transcontinental cooperation of political relevance: young Burkinabe artists, who hold the future of their country in their hands, who defend themselves against (post-) colonial power structures and provide identity concepts of new African thought, meet the Hajusom performers with their own migration experiences, who raise their positions on Europe's immigration policy in the fight for recognition in the supposedly paradisiacal Germany.

From and with

Ensemble Hajusom & bukinic artists: Hamed Ahmadi, Sahadou Barry, Emmanuel Boadu, Adèle Badolo, Mimpamba Thomas Combari, Inoussa Dabré, Brahima Diarra, Farzad Fadai, Sita Fofana, Elmira Ghafoori, Katalina Götz, Mohammad-Moslem Heidarian, Joy Jawo, Gueswinde Eric Koama, Aboubakar Badi Maiga, Arman Marzak, Wendaabo Landry Nare, Valérie Nacoulma, Dennis Robert

Artistic Team / Concept

Director: Ella Huck, Katharina Oberlik, Dorothea Reinicke
Space and costume: Ilboudo Saïdou, Jelka Plate
Consulting: Michael Böhler
Video: Joseph Tapsoba aka "Chocho", Mathis Menneking
Slammer and lyrics: Ali K. Ouedraogo Doueslik
Choreography: Blandine Yamaéogo
Public Relations: Ania Faas
Translations: Ariane Batou-To Van, Ania Faas
Coordination Hamburg: Sarah Berg, Lea Connert, Julia zur Lippe
Coordination Ouagadougou: Kira Claude Guingané
Music, composition: Viktor Marek, Patrick Kabré


Premiere: March 30th, 2016, Kampnagel Hamburg co-production Hajusom e.V. with Kampnagel Hamburg, Goethe Institut Ouagadougou, Espace Gambidi / Ouagadougou.


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Aller et Retour