AZIMUT dekolonial – ein Archiv performt – an archive performs

My parents were born in a colonised country
Now I am in exile
where the colonists came from
Can a decolonial turn lead us …


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Never before in the 20 years of its history, Hajusom was navigating that deeply into the past of the performers as in the current production AZIMUT dekolonial – an archive performs *. The young performers from the age of 9 up to 34, discover the subject of colonialism in the world, in themselves, in their history. For this, some of them revisited their home countries for the first time and brought back stories, others of them transformed own memories into mouvement and sound and light. The performers are the archive, a walk-in installation of story-boxes, videos and sculptures form a parcours. The spectator can board at taste and sail along, cardinal direction future.

*AZIMUT – from arabic  السموت , as-sumūt, the ways – is a term in astronomy. It  denominates a horizontal angle that is orientated towards the cardinal directions and helps defining the course. - But are we seeing the same stars?


From and with Ensemble Hajusom:

Ensemble Hajusom: Hamed Ahmadi, Aboubacarine Badi Maiga, Inoussa Dabré, Angelina Akosua Darko, Yaa Julia Darko, Farzad Fadai, Elmira Ghafoori, Katalina Götz, Malihe Hashemi, Youssouf Madougou, Arman Marzak, Nebou N'Diaye, Ishika Popat, Dennis Robert Ebhodaghe, Fares Wadi
Gastperformer: Mimpamba Thomas Combari

Workshops and conceptional work:

Latai Taumoepeau (Tonga), Martin Ambara (Kamerun), AK Hamburg Postkolonial  

Artistic Team / Concept

Artistic Director, Director: Ella Huck, Dorothea Reinicke
Choreography: Josep Caballero Garcia, Jochen Roller
Composition, musical director: Viktor Marek
Music: Sergio Vasquez Carrillo, Carlos Andres Rico and Sedah Hajusom
Video: Nina and Adnan Softić
Video Assistant: Raphael Hähni, Vera Charlotte Petermann
Equipement: Michael Böhler, Markus Lohmann  
Costume: Nadira Nasser
Technical Management: Ricarda Schnoor
Light design: Ricarda Schnoor, Marek Lamprecht
Sound design and Video: Manuel Horstmann
Co-director: Valentina Wyss
Production Management: Lea Connert
Production Assistant: Stefanje Meyer
Project Coordination: Julia zur Lippe
Assistance: Gabriela Vasileva
Internship: Mariam Goharpour, Greta Köhne
Thanks to: Lore Hofmann and Satenik Danielyan!


Supporting program:

The Making of AZIMUT dekolonial – Day of the open curtain at MARKK Hamburg ( 15th and 16th February 2019. Two-day conference delivering insight into the artistic work, the research and the background of the performance.

Curation: Suy Lan Hopmann, Lea Connert, Ania Faas



Premiere Wednesday, 27th March 2019, Kampnagel K2
Further dates 27th/28th/29th/30th March 2019, Matinee on 30th March 2019.






AZIMUT dekolonial – an archive performs is a Hajusom-Production in cooproduktion with Kampnagel Hamburg, MARKK, Theater im Pumpenhaus Münster, FFT Düsseldorf and Sophiensaele Berlin

Thanks to our sponsors:
Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg

The voyage of Thomas Combari is sponsored by Kirchlicher Entwicklungsdienst, Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung and Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg/Internationaler Kulturaustausch

Hajusom e.V. is sponsored by:
Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Hamburger Stiftung zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kultur, Homann-Stiftung, Reimund C. Reich-Stiftung, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, TXS GmbH, Bürgerstiftung Hamburg, Mara und Holger Cassens-Stiftung



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AZIMUT dekolonial – Ein Archiv performt