The book about Hajusom

Hajusom – now also as a book!

Masters of Paradise: The transnational Cosmos Hajusom.
Theatre from the future

Editors: Ella Huck and Dorothea Reinicke

Editorial staff: Ania Faas

Publisher: Verlag Theater der Zeit 
Berlin, 2014
The transnational art project Hajusom is the only one of its kind in Germany. More than two hundred young people from all over the world - from West Africa to Afghanistan, from Macedonia to Vietnam - have shaped their performances and brought numerous award-winning pieces to the stage.

For the first time since its inception in 1999, the group has provided insights into their artistic cosmos in this book. And participates with guests of art, science, theater and journalism in the current debate about the future of our society.

From the content:

  • Nicola Duric - Art comes from Beyond Art / Hajusom as a family
  • Oliver Kontny - Something other than the surface
  • Claude Jansen, Sofie Olbers - Road Map: Addis Ababa - Hamburg - Conakry - Kabul
  • Grada Kilomba - "Where are you from?"
  • Joy Kristin Kalu - I see something you do not see ...
  • Nikolaus Stenitzer - On the Wild Stage of the 21st Century / The Revue Theater of Hajusom and its Prehistory
  • Ella Huck, Dorothea Reinicke, Jelka Plate, Markus Lohmann - balcony talk / inside view of the transnational label Hajusom
  • Azadeh Sharifi - It's about attitude, not about origin / artists of color in European theater
  • Amelie Deuflhard - Everywhere debates about migration

ISBN 978-3-95749-007-0 
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