Club No Border

Club No Border is a series of interactive performance formats that deal with different types of boundaries, their visualization and their overcoming. The five consecutive evenings combine staged passages - lectures by experts, choreographies, panel discussions, short game scenes - with participatory forms of action, that involves the audience to participate directly in the art production in the "open space":

  1. Operation Black-Red-Yellow: Guidance in integration techniques (for Afghanistan, Guinea, Uganda) as well as methods of border crossing.
  2. Metropolis Hamburg - Growing City: A New Culture-Political Growth Model.
  3. Resistance: Resistance forms against the image of refugees as victims, against disinformation, racism and exclusion.
  4. Love: - love, savior of the world? Podium discussion with experts, sensual offers, experiments and exercises.
  5. Finale: Dissolution experiences for the audience at Iranian festival food.


From and with

Ensemble Hajusom

Artistic Team

Direction: Ella Huck, Claude Jansen, Dorothea Reinicke
Textile skills: Ruth May

Guest artists

Music: Tata Dindin, Manuel Horstmann
Dance: Friederike Lampert
Statements: Samy Deluxe



Premiere: April 8th to December 15th , 2006, Kampnagel HamburgHajusom in cooperation with CulturCooperation e.V., in coproduction with Kampnagel Hamburg


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Club No Border