Hajusom 1-4

The joint development of the first performance is an exciting experiment for the young performers: they have embarked on a very personal collaboration. An experiment also for the artistic direction: they had to merge the talents and personalities, languages ​​and rituals, dances and music, but also conflictsinto a full-length performance and make it repeatable.

In the role of a TV team, the Afghan interpreter and her African colleague are integrated into the performance using live video technology. 


Aduna Kodoy! (Life is gentle)
Mission statement of the Fulbe, West Africa



From and with

Ensemble Hajusom

Artistic Team

Concept, Direction: Ella Huck, Dorothea Reinicke
Space, Costume: Andrea Fischer
Video realisation: Artur Jagodda

Premiere: May 27th, 1999, Schlachthof Hamburg




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