Holiday Inn

A hotel whose auspicious name promises to fulfill the longing for holidays and great travels. It is brought to life through the bodies of the performers: the luxurious setting, the pool, the bar, the beds, the radio and the grand piano set the stage within the stage. Then everything collapses, the belongings are lost and above all the passports, the object that is supposed to prove identity. Hajusom invites you to invent a new geography that is not just physical, but decidedly emotional.

In Hajusom's Holiday Inn, they meet each other, all the personalities who fought for an utopia and believed in the seemingly impossible: a world without borders, in which all people live on equal footing, regardless of their religion, their skin color, their cultural or social affiliation.

From and with

Ensemble Hajusom: Roland Adjao (Patrice Lumumba, Kongo; Präsident), Ibrahima Bah (Bertold Brecht, Deutschland; Theatermacher), Winifred Brown (Arundhati Roy, Indien; Globalisierungsgegnerin), Ousmane Diawara (Tumarlé, Guinea; Musiker), Prince Duronceray (Ulf Merbold, Deutschland; Astronaut), Hindatou Issaka (Martin Luther King, USA; Bürgerrechtler), Aminatu Jalloh (Josefine Baker, USA; Tänzerin), Hassan Jalloh (Nelson Mandela, Südafrika; Präsident), Maimuna Kamara (Wangari Maathai, Kenia; Friedensnobelpreisträgerin), Shahab Kia (Karl Marx, Deutschland; Kapitalismus-Kritiker), Samuel Makinde (Hans-Jürgen Massaquoi, Deutschland; Journalist), Ahmad Shah Malikzada (Pythagoras von Samos, Griechenland; Denker), Ismael Nabe (Malcom X, USA; Bürgerrechtler), Evelene Ramata Neequaye (Miriam Makeba, Südafrika; Sängerin), Ben Sanogo-Willers (Otto Bender, Deutschland; Swing-Boy), Ragib Sosani (Max Beckmann, Deutschland; Maler), Jean-Naomi Zulu (Aaliyah, USA; Sängerin), Rita Zulu (Fasia Jansen, Deutschland; Protestliedsängerin)

Artistic Team

Concept, Direction: Ella Huck, Claude Jansen, Dorothea Reinicke
Space: Michael Böhler
Costume: Heike Hallenga
Dance coaching: Angela Guerreiro

Guest artsits

Concept: Nikola Duric (Showcase Beat Le Mot)
Choreography: Kerlin da Silva (Dancealot)


Prmeiere: May 18th  2005, Kampnagel Hamburg
Hajusom in cooperation with CulturCooperation e.V., in co-production with Kampnagel Hamburg

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Holiday Inn