Ich bin König - wer bist Du?

Excursion Macabre

In November, when the dead are being thought of in this country, Hajusom embarks on an excursion to Macabre into the realm of the dead and spirits. The performers guide the audience through passages and halls full of gloom and glamor. They allow insights into their fantasies about the life of the spirits, the abysses and light regions of their own stories as the king of survival. In the end, life is celebrated: in the "Space between Heaven and Hell" nearly 40 performers dance a wild dance macabre in style of the West African Coupé Decalé. The senior Ensemble will perform together with the young talent group Neue Sterne and the Hajusom band Voices Of The Undead.

From and with

Ensemble Hajusom & Neue Sterne: Alijan Ahmadi, Joshua Amponsah, Fahim Azimi, Mariama Babije, Mamadou Bah, Emanuel Boadu, Naomi Chokoago, Amelan-Maria Comoé, Francesco Di Bari, Ibrahim Diallo, Ousmane Diallo, Sahar Eslahi, Farzad Fadai, Elmira Ghafoori, Mohammad-Moslem Heidarian, Aminatu Jalloh, Stefanie Kyei-Anti, Aimee Nhung Le, Isaac Lokolong, Sarah Lotfi, Arman Marzak, Mohammad Ali Meivand, Aamir Mohamed, Shamake Muse, Nebou N'Diaye, Eliyas Omaniyar, Sarah Owusu, Reza Rafii, Elias Rahimi, Maziyar Rezaei, Rahmad Rezai, Dennis Robert, Ali Sargari, Priscilla Schätz, Bernard Schätz, Taisha Yedij, Hamid Yusefi


Artistic Team/Concept

Direction: Ella Huck, Dorothea Reinicke
Space, costume: Markus Lohmann

Guest artists

Choreography: Gotta Depri



Premiere: November 18th, 2011, Kampnagel Hamburg
Co-production Hajusom e.V. with Kampnagel Hamburg
from and with Ensemble Hajusom, Neue Sterne, Voices Of The Undead & Knarf Rellöm 


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Ich bin König - wer bist Du?