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Cosmos Hamburg is a counter-strategy to exclusion. We understand the project as research work. Similar to a laboratory, the Hajusom researchers, through careful observation and description of spaces, places, streets, squares, visualize the city as a cosmos of different parallel worlds, as a fabric of social relationships and interaction, and embrace it. As hosts, they present their multi-medial installation Kosmos Hamburg, which was created in cooperation with Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer.


From and with

Ensemble Hajusom: Ibrahimah Bah, Winifred Brown, Ousmane Diawara, Mirjana Djuric, Hamidullah Habib, Hindatou Issaka, Aminatu Jalloh, Hassan Jalloh, Nyima Jatta, Samuel Makinde, Arman Marzak, Rahmatullah Motafaker, Ismael Nabe, Ben Sanogo, Omid Solemani, Rita und Jean-Naomi Zulu, Angel

Artistisc Team

Concept, Realisation: Ella Huck, Claude Jansen, Dorothea Reinicke
Concept, Video: Margit Czenki
Music: Viktor Marek
Costume: Heike Hallenga


Premiere: Decemeber 12th, 2003, Bunker Feldstraße Hamburg
Hajusom in cooperation with Kunstwerk e.V.

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Kosmos Hamburg