Play Mas

Young International Performers' Festival

Conquer public spaces! This is the very literal motto of the Festival Play Mas: Play Mas, a term from the Trinidadian Carnival, means: play the mask! Leave your old roles! Defend yourself against social ascriptions by slipping into the skin of the rulers, conquering their spaces and redefining them!

The participants of Play Mas have in common that due to their origin they are excluded from playing in the spaces of high culture: they are people who for various reasons are assigned to the so-called periphary - the isolation of the slum, the disease HIV, the ethnic minority. After several years of work, the invited groups have found their own artistic language and have succeeded in questioning and combating the attribution of marginalization.

From and with

Ensemble Hajusom


M.U.K.A. Project / South Africa, Crear vale la pena / Argentinia, Sarai Cybermohalla / India, Artists and theoreticians of the Trinidadian Carnival / Trinidad and Tobago

Artistic Team

Festival management: Ella Huck, Claude Jansen, Dorothea Reinicke;
Workshop und Performance Play Mas: Metamorphosis
Curated by: Patricia Alleyne-Dettmers/Trinidad und Tobago


March 6th-14th, 2004, Kampnagel Hamburg
Hajusom in cooperation with Kunstwerk e.V., in cooprodction with Kampnagel Hamburg

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Play Mas