"Ideas instead of waste!" Système-D explores garbage insanity with an unconventional strategy. Système-D means fast thinking, adapting and improvising - with the resources that are available and a high degree of personal ingenuity. Our trinational team consists of young social educators, art and cultural workers and young people from three cities - Ziguinchor / Senegal, Hamburg / Germany and Aubervillers-Ile de France / France. Together, we do an artistic research on waste and implement our ideas against waste in several action performances in public space.

is a winner of the ideas competition of the Robert Bosch Foundation "On y va - let's go".
Production of Hajusom e.V. with Association d'aide culturelle et sociale de la Seine Saint Denise (AACSSSD), Paris, France and ASC Kulumba (Association Sportive et Culturelle de Kulumba), Ziguinchor, Senegal, 2013/14

Artistic Team

Coordination and direction: Sofie Olbers
Assistance: Florentyna von Wensierski
Networking: Mamadou Dabo
Organization Paris and Aubervilliers: Karima Taibi
Recycled Art: Kalz Bakhoum

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Système D