Together with experienced and highly qualified experts from different fields, Hajusom passes on its many years of expertise by carrying out different formats of knowledge transfer in Hamburg and all over Germany. The practical workshops, short-term seminars, conference lectures or lecture performances are tailored to meet the needs of different target groups and events and they are suitable for pupils, students, artists, culture creators, multipliers and volunteers.

Hands-on workshops: During the workshop TRANSFER, participants learn all about Hajusom’s collective working methods which have proven to be very successful in an ensemble where young people and people of color with or without a history of migration come together. All participants will take on the role of an ensemble member and directly experience Hajusom’s working methods while engaging in the creative process.

Contributions to discourse: Hajusom also offers lecture performances and traditional lectures that operate at the intersection of Art and Academia. The lectures cover a wide range of contents including the analysis of the specific didactics of transnational artistic methods or the concept of decolonial aesthetics. Moreover, the lectures address questions of empowerment and participation and reflect upon the significance of Hajusom’s intergenerational character in the context of structural power relations and their transformation.

For more information and booking, please contact:

Gabriela Vasileva
Tel: 040 43 21 69 09